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Our Services

Your Happy Home PetCare provides dog walking, in-home petcare, house visits, and pet taxi.

We will work with you to customize a visitation schedule that works for you and your pet family. We come to your home to provide:

· Daily or Scheduled Dog Walking

· Potty breaks

· Fresh food and water

· Walks, exercise, playtime & TLC

· Litter box cleaning and maintenance

· Administer basic medications

We treat your pet as though they were our own.

We can also provide services for a “lived in” home while you are away.

· Bring in mail, newspaper, packages

· Basic plant watering and care

· Trash and recycling to curb on pick up days

· Rotation of lights, open/close blinds/shutters

We also offer:

· Extended pet visits for those who might need a bit more TLC

· Pet taxi for visits to vet and groomers

Service areas include but not limited to the following communities:

Coto de Caza, Dove Canyon, Rancho Santa Margarita, Las Flores, Trabuco Canyon, Wagon Wheel

Safety First

We have entered a strange and stressful time. The Coronavirus (COVID19) has touched everyone’s lives around the world. During this time, we are following CDC guidelines. We are practicing social distancing, contactless handoffs for walks, using hand sanitizer, wearing our masks and using our own leashes. We ask that disinfectant and paper towels be available for use when petsitting in your home. Please let us know if you or someone you have been in contact with has been exposed. We want to keep our team safe for you and your families.
Thank you.

Large or Small pets

Your Happy Home PetCare loves all pets large or small. Whether you have a large dog, cat, bird, bunny or hamster, we are here to help with all your petcare needs.


During this time with Covid-19, it is recommended that cats stay indoors and that dogs exposure is also limited. To keep you and your pets safe, when we walk your pets we will social distance and stay away from other people and their pets.

Multiple Pets

Many families have multiple pets. Some have the same type, others have a mix of dog, cat and bird. Your Happy Home PetCare will work with you to have a customized plan to take care of all your pets needs.

Feeding & Rest time

Whether you are traveling or working late, Your Happy Home Pet Care is there to help you. To make sure your pets are fed, taken out for pottie breaks and tucked into bed for the night.


Everyone loves puppies. Puppies need more attention in the early months of their lives. We are here to help their schedule when you can’t be there. Puppies generally need to go out every few hours. We are here to offer extra support and visits during those hectic time.
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