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Frequently Asked Questions​

Information you may want to know about professional petsitting.

Why Hire A Professional PetSitter?

  • No imposition to untrained family and friends and their schedules.

  • No driving to drop off and pick up your family members.  Your pets are there when you leave and happy to see you upon your return.

  • Pets aren’t exposed to illnesses and exposure that can occur when boarding.

  • Pets adjust better to their families absence when they remain in their own home.

  • Pets have reduced stress as your pet stays in a familiar surrounding, their own yard, their own bed.

  • Pets diet and exercise routines are not interrupted.

  • Pets receive the TLC we provide while you are away.

  • There is flexibility on the schedule if plans are changed.

  • We email, text and send pictures and updates to you and your family.

  • Pet owners want the best for their furry family and want the best care that a professional petsitter can provide.

  • We are reliable.

  • We are licensed and bonded.

How do I prepare my Home and Pet?

1. Ensure there will be enough food, treats, kitty litter for while you are away.

2. Show sitter where leashes, food, litter, medications are kept.

3. If pet is on medication, fill out the medication form for detailed instructions for your sitter.

4. Make sure pets have collars with ID tags – just in case.

5. Provide outdoor pets with secure enclosure and place for shelter for rainy and hot summer days.

6. Sign a Veterinarian Release Form.

7. Sign a Key Release Form – have 2 keys available for petsitter. Have sitter lock and unlock door to make sure key works.

8. Leave favorite toys for pets to play with – rotation.

9. Show sitter how to operate security system and make sure they try it.

10. Let sitter know if anyone else will have access to house. Pool service? Gardener? Housecleaner?

11. Close doors where pets aren’t allowed.

12. Put away any decorations or plants that pose a danger to your pet.

13. Leave Lights on for sitter if first visit will be after dark.

14. Leave itinerary if taking any airline flights in case of delays.

15. Leave Cleaning supplies and paper towels for disinfecting and any accidents that may occur while you are away.

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